Her face froze when out of the corner of her eyes she saw him running stark naked across her yard in the glaring sunshine of a hot mid-August day. It seemed it had been no more than a moment before when she had left him, content and serene. Except for the fact that his had been the hottest day ever recorded in the states since 1901 when the thermometer  on the local drug store had exploded. Other than that she had not even an iota of warning, not a single, brief hint that such disrobing might occur.
How could she have known? How could she have been aware that this might happen? Nothing in the past led her to suspect -- there was no history of mental imbalance, no strange proclivities for erratic (or erotic) behavior, no reason to be anxious. In short there was no thought about even a possibility for aberrant actions. There had been no forewarnings.

Gretchen was puzzled, but more than puzzled. Disgusted, but more than disgusted. Chagrined, and yes more than chagrined.

Upset but still able to handle herself. Gretchen took barely a second to make her resolve. She knew that if she didn't act immediately things could get worse. She knew what had to be done, and who had to do it.  She was nominated, elected & held the office!

Gretchen had never been one who pondered decisions overlong.  She had always been able to make up her mind when necessary. This counted as a tie when an instantaneous decision was necessary. There was no time to waste, none whatsoever.
She propelled herself through the heavy, mahogany shower, out into the bright sunshine. Temporarily blinded by the brightness of the sun overhead, she felt the noonday heat cooking her, completely enveloping her just as it had been doing all week. The thought crossed her mind that she could sense why he would want to undress.
But no sooner had the thought flitted through her mind than she cast it aside lest she find herself thinking that under certain circumstances exposure might be permisable.  No she could not allow herself to think such unthinkable things. She liked the sound of that on her mind's tongue -- think the unthinkable, think the unthinkable, think the unthinkable -- it rolled off her mind as if she were exuding it. She had to stop herself while she still could.
All the neighbor's children had gathered around the yard, staring, pointing covering their mouths into their hands as they snickered. But so far none of he adults had ventured out but Gretchen knew it wouldn't be long before they were about, too.
Getchen's resolve was firm, she picked her three-year old up, pointing her long finger at him and screamed, "Don't you ever ever take your clothes off and run around the yard naked, again."